We make custom dry transfers in as little as 24 hours

First, select the place for your rubdown transfer on your model or prototype. Rubdown transfers can be applied on wood, glass, plastic or any smooth surface. Use the supplied burnishing tool to rub down the dry transfer, make sure to apply pressure evenly to insure that the image transfers onto the model smoothly. Complete the process by removing the plastic film to reveal your custom rub on dry transfer on your product prototype or model replica boat, train or plane. Cut your custom rub down transfer into the required size. We only make custom transfers with guaranteed color matching in PMS colors and that can be delivered in as little as 24 hours.

Are you looking for a way to take your designs from concept to reality?

At Image Transfers, we understand the importance of successful product presentation. That is why we offer custom dry transfers (or rub-downs) that will enhance the overall appearance of your project, giving it a finished, tangible look and feel.

All we do are custom rub down dry transfers

Our custom dry transfers are suitable for use on any substrate. So whether you are a graphic designer, a model maker, or an industrial designer, we can provide you—in as little as 24 hours—with rub-down transfers in standard PMS colors and foils that are professional, affordable, and easy to use!